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Memory Tip 6: Visual Learners

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A chart like this might seem a little overboard to some, but to a visual learner, it keeps all the information stored neatly and easily to understand. It’ll be like this in your brain, too, helping you remember important things

“Let me write that down.” “Can you show me in a chart?” “Can we make this a different color?”  

If this sounds familiar, you might be a visual learner! Visual learners absorb information best when it is presented in a visually stimulating or pleasing way. Why is this important? Because when you learn well, you remember! Here are three tips for visual learners to remember all those important things in your life. 

  1. Get a calendar – a real paper calendar will do worlds for you. Seeing all the information laid out in a tangible way stimulates your visual cortex to remember them. A digital calendar may work well, but don’t forget Memory Tip 1: WRITE IT DOWN! By carrying a physical planner or calendar, you will have the opportunity to cement that date in your head, as well as on a piece of paper.
  2. Use color and pictures – it might feel a little childish at first, but getting used to color-coding and using symbols and charts is a great way of remembering. It will be seamless for you visual learners, too. A good example of how to apply color in your weekly calendar is to assign a different color for different categories. Kids’ activities? Blue. Work-related tasks? Red. Personal needs and plans? Purple. Non-visual learners can feel swamped by the sensory overload, but visual learners often find that color and organization help them keep things in order. Speaking of which…
  3. Keep your space clean – visual learners take in information with their eyes. Imagine trying to plan your day in a room like the one pictured here! There is too much going on. Visual learners can receive information smoothly
    Visual learning messy room memory tip

    This room is a mess. As a visual learner, all the junk will get in the way of your eyes focusing on the most important information.

    and in an organized way by making sure each thing is where it belongs. Remember: as a visual learner, if your eyes see it, your brain knows it. If you keep your desk, house, work area, and all your spaces organized, your brain will be less cluttered too.

We hope these three tips will help you remember the important things in your life. This is just the beginning of the road to making your life more successful, happy, and meaningful. If you want to find out more about how to achieve these goals, get a FREE consultation with The Career Profiler.

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