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The Career Profiler & Coach

I am a credentialed Professional Career Coach and Corporate Coach with extensive experience in a vast array of professions across ALL age groups and continents, and possess exceptional expertise in career assessments and career attainment strategies.

I am here to help you find your array of assets and abilities to use for career choice, career transition, career advancement or leadership development - your career profile.

Marjorie Wall Hofer

Where you begin

Using my tools your career profile shortens the time to identify your ideal career or niche in as little as a month.

Career Model Phases

Phase 1 is Nature


Discover your ideal career profile, a set of assets and abilities, using testing, handwriting analysis, and interviews.

Phase 2 is Nurture


Gain the life you deserve and do it quickly with short-cut strategies and key paradigm shifts.


Set a plan to land a job in your chosen career field using top job search tools and strategies.

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Ready to invest in yourself and quickly achieve your career goals?
Discover which tools, tests, and career profiling & coaching package is right for you.

Profiling Packages

Profiling Packages

Profiling is a first step for career planning, career success, performance improvement, and leadership development.

Targeting Packages

Targeting Packages

Targeting facilitates and focuses the development of a person, employee, or leader to fast-track the achievement of their personal and/or corporate career goals.

Landing Packages

Landing Packages

Now that you've profiled your career direction and used coaching techniques to nurture your skills, you are ready to put all the pieces together and create a career plan.

Today is your day.

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