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The Career Bullseye Package

formerly known as OPTIM’s Best Suited Career Fit / Career Match Tests

The Leadership Legacy Package

formerly know as OPTIM’s Leaders Test for Leadership Success

Career Tools

There are over 50 Coaching Career Tools one has access to with any of the Career Coaching programs. Only the most reliable career tests with the most accurate results from the most reputable test publishers are used by The Career Profiler.

You will use career assessment tools in the Profiling Phase which will provide you with career keys to unlock the secrets about your abilities, strengths, personality, interests and values.

You will use career tools for growth and development in the Targeting Phase including development assessments such as Executive to Leadership Mind shifts and Professional Foundations Assessment.

You will use career planning tools in the Landing Phase to develop your resume, create a compelling career transition story, write cover and thank-you letters, develop career networking strategies, plus much more.

Summary of Benefits

If you are ready to invest in yourself, in your career, in your success . . . then by all means, sign up immediately.

  • Reduced Price – up to $250 in savings
  • More reports than tests taken
  • Complete in about 1/2 a day
  • Convenient
  • Online
  • Comprehensive
  • Appropriate for your situation
  • Applied to your situation
  • Gain clarification over confusion
  • Achieve a Career Conclusion

Quality matters

While these test packages are not inexpensive (but then you always get what you pay for), they are packaged to give you a steep discount if you were to take them individually. Save up to $250 savings. You can choose how fast or slowly you wish to work through them. With each package you will receive multiple reports for each test (3 – 5) that you complete. It takes about 1/2 a day to complete all of them, and all of them are online for your convenience.

Tailored tests for you

Many assessment tests offer sweeping generalization to a class or type, but these tests offer information that is detailed and specific just for you. Each test comes with not a brief cursory feedback session, but a comprehensive interpretative consultation with enough time to apply the results to your situation and clarify any confusion or misunderstanding you might have.

Made for results

Best of all, all the reports and results are pulled together (or synthesized) to reach a career action conclusion.

With these packages you will "know what to do and be ... with certainty"

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If yes to both, then these are the packages of career test assessments for you.

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Career Tests Overview

There are the best career tests for your career profile and leadership style. We recommend career assessment tools because: They are the best on the market, They identify the most critical components – your aptitudes, abilities, career motivators (values), interests, and personality, They help you choose an ideal career and know your unique branding for success.

Career Interests

They are the best on the market

Career Personality

They identify the most critical components – your aptitudes, abilities, career motivators (values), interests, and personality

Career Ability and Aptitude

They help you choose an ideal career and know your unique branding for success.

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