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aptitude test, career test, The Highlands Ability Battery or Johnson O'Connor test

The Highlands Ability Battery vs. The Johnson O’Connor

  The Highlands Ability Battery and the Johnson O’Connor test are both highly regarded and very well researched aptitude tests. An aptitude test helps you understand yourself and choose the best career for you. The assessments have the same origins but now offer distinct benefits for career and leadership purposes. If you’re wondering which one of... Continue reading

career success memory tips visual learners

Memory Tip 6: Visual Learners

“Let me write that down.” “Can you show me in a chart?” “Can we make this a different color?”   If this sounds familiar, you might be a visual learner! Visual learners absorb information best when it is presented in a visually stimulating or pleasing way. Why is this important? Because when you learn well, you remember! Here are three tips for visual learners to remember all those important things in your life.  Get a calendar – a real paper calendar will do worlds for you. Seeing all the information laid out in a tangible way stimulates your visual cortex to remember them. A digital calendar may work well, but don’t forget Memory Tip 1:... Continue reading

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