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Memory Tip 5: Academic Learning Styles


Do You Have the Academic Learning Styles?

Ever wondered what people mean by “auditory learners” as opposed to “visual learners?” Yes, it obviously has to do with some people being able to remember things they hear and some being able to remember things they see. But what does this mean for you and your memory?

Auditory and visual (specifically reading comprehension and number memory) are the two main learning styles used in academia. In the West, formal education usually focuses on listening to lectures and reading texts as the means of receiving information. Do you have these skills to succeed in school?

This can put people who are not natural auditory or visual learners at a disadvantage, not only in school but also in our general lives! Does this mean you will not be happy and successful unless you have these skills? Absolutely not! But there is more good news: even if you are not naturally equipped in auditory or visual learning, you can still learn in those ways, and you can build up those skills.

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If you are an auditory learner, boost your memory by saying the things you need to remember out loud

What Can I Do About It?

By receiving important information through your particular learning style, you increase the chances of remembering that information. That’s why we will be posting specialized memory tips for every type of learner! That’s right – if you’re a visual learner, come back next week to find out some helpful, simple tips to keep your life organized and happy. Even if you’re not a visual learner, read that blog so that you can learn how to practice this skill and ensure your success in visual-dominant contexts, like school and certain jobs.

Not sure which learning style you have? Get in touch with The Career Profiler to find out today! The best way to find out is to take the Highlands Ability Battery. Worried that this little tip won’t be enough for you? The Career Profiler can help with that too. Let us know about all your questions and concerns so you can start on your path to career happiness and success!

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