Memory Tips 1 and 2

“I can’t believe I forgot – AGAIN!” 

 If this phrase seems familiar to you, perhaps

memory tips for career

How can I remember it all?? I need some memory tips

accompanied by a slap on the forehead or a groan, it’s probably time to change your system. When you make a habit of forgetting things, whether simple tasks falling through the cracks or something important like a loved one’s birthday, it creates an inconvenience – or sometimes even a disaster. 

 With a bad memory, you’re not performing at your peak. But how can you improve your memory? After all, we’re all only getting older! 

 There are a lot of practical and surprising ways you can improve your memory. Here’s one memory tip to get you started – stay tuned for more later! 

1. Write it down

 Studies by Princeton and UCLA show that physically writing on an actual piece of paper increases the likelihood that you will remember it later. While digital devices might be fast and convenient, they do not work with your brain to maximize your memory.write down memory remember career

You can just try it out for a few days.  Next time you want to remember something, jot it down on a piece of paper and see if have an easier time recalling it. The Career Profiler’s associate has found that writing down her dreams even increased the frequency and vividness of them, in addition to being able to recall them more easily.  

2. Take a Breath!

Another not-often-heard memory tip is that breathing through your nose rather than your mouth increases memory. Steady breathing, especially through the nose, has a big effect on your mental functions. Next time you are stressed, tired, or need to remember something, like in a meeting, try breathing deeply and steadily through your nose. 

 With these two tips, and more on the way, you can start remembering more of the important, and even not-so-important, things in your life. We hope this will help make your life easier, more organized, and help you succeed and be happy in your career. Find more tips here.

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