Four career satisfaction tests

Find a Career that Achieves Career Satisfaction

How to find a Satisfying Career

You’re probably here because you feel dissatisfied in your career! Or maybe you’ve had a bad career experience and don’t want to make the same mistake twice. Did you know that career satisfaction comes from a job that fits with your personality, interest, and abilities. Why? The more a career or occupation fits with who you are, the more satisfied you will be with it.

Career satisfaction tests are the single most efficient way to find a list of careers that would be satisfying to you. You simply need to choose what you want your test to focus on. There are four options that stress different parts of yourself. Taking an interest test will measures what you like and enjoy and find satisfying careers based on that. A personality-satisfaction test takes into account how you operate in the world. An abilities-satisfaction test measures what you can (and must) do (aka career abilities) and then determines what careers would satisfy you. Or you can take a satisfaction test that combines information from those three categories! Click directly on the links above to access the tests, or read this post on career satisfaction first for more information.

You can find more information about career satisfaction and how to avoid it in many places on this site. Here’s another blog post about the not-so-secret reason why employees quit their jobs. This information is pertinent not only for employees but also for employers. The Career Profiler recognizes that when employees are happy and successful in the best job for them, everyone in the company benefits!

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