Career Satisfaction Tests

Career Satisfaction Tests

Are you feeling dissatisfied with your job? Can’t seem to get along with your coworkers or boss? Unhappy with the kind of work you’re doing? Don’t want to fall into a boring job again? There’s a way to know what kind of job will make you happy – with certainty! A career satisfaction test is a test that provides a list of careers based on different elements of you. You can take a test that measures your interests (what you like), your personality (how you generally operate), or your abilities (what you can do). You can also take a test that combines these elements. All of these different types of tests are geared towards helping you find a job in which you are satisfied.

Found satisfying career with career satisfaction test

Find a satisfying career with a career satisfaction test!

Interests Tests

The most common career test is an interest test. Interest tests assess how much you like certain aspects of work and match you with jobs that most closely fit with those patterns. I recommend the Strong Interest Test, the best interest test on the market today.

Personality Tests

Another important way to find a satisfying career is to use a personality test. However, few personality tests offer career-specific information. But the Myers Briggs Test does. It supplies you with a list of careers that suit your personality based on the personalities of professionals in those fields. It is likely that a career that fits your personality will result in career satisfaction.

Abilities Tests

The last type of test is an ability test. The two most common ability tests are CAPS and THAB. When you’re looking for career satisfaction, the THAB is by far the most superior career ability test. The unique thing it does is show which of your abilities demand expression. This is critical for career satisfaction. If you’re dissatisfied with your job right now, you might want to think, “What am I good at doing? What do I love doing? Am I able to do those things in my job right now?” If the answer is no, these may be abilities that demand expression. This means happiness is hard to find if your job doesn’t require you to use those abilities. Check out THAB Ability Assessment for Adult General Work Ability Test.

After taking one or more of these tests, it is a smart idea to make an appointment with The Career Profiler. I can help you understand and apply your results. Together we can make a plan to prepare for a job that will make you happy, then land that job and get promoted! With my help you can find the job that makes you most satisfied. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page if you want help finding the best job for you.

Career Satisfaction Tests: Combination

Probably the best approach to take when seeking a satisfying career is to purchase a career testing package. This combination of tests assesses all three of the critical internal components of career satisfaction: interests, abilities, and personality. For this I recommend the following package: OPTIM’s Best Suited Career Fit / Career Match Tests

I wish there were less exensive options, but none of them could achieve what this package can. If you truly need a less expensive package, I’d recommend one that assesses interests and abilities such as SII ADULT GENERAL Expanded Career Profile and Summary plus THAB Adult Ability Battery

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Four career satisfaction tests

Find a Career that Achieves Career Satisfaction

How to find a Satisfying Career

You’re probably here because you feel dissatisfied in your career! Or maybe you’ve had a bad career experience and don’t want to make the same mistake twice. Did you know that career satisfaction comes from a job that fits with your personality, interest, and abilities. Why? The more a career or occupation fits with who you are, the more satisfied you will be with it.

Career satisfaction tests are the single most efficient way to find a list of careers that would be satisfying to you. You simply need to choose what you want your test to focus on. There are four options that stress different parts of yourself. Taking an interest test will measures what you like and enjoy and find satisfying careers based on that. A personality-satisfaction test takes into account how you operate in the world. An abilities-satisfaction test measures what you can (and must) do (aka career abilities) and then determines what careers would satisfy you. Or you can take a satisfaction test that combines information from those three categories! Click directly on the links above to access the tests, or read this post on career satisfaction first for more information.

You can find more information about career satisfaction and how to avoid it in many places on this site. Here’s another blog post about the not-so-secret reason why employees quit their jobs. This information is pertinent not only for employees but also for employers. The Career Profiler recognizes that when employees are happy and successful in the best job for them, everyone in the company benefits!

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Is It a Career Satisfaction or Job Satisfaction Issue?

Career Satisfaction vs. Job Satisfaction

Most people look for career advice when they are dissatisfied with something about their career or job. But it is just as important to understand the positive aspects about a career or job. After all, how can you achieve career or job satisfaction if you don’t know what it is?
I've Finally Got Career Satisfaction AND Job Satisfaction

Career Satisfaction is an overall satisfaction with your current career.  It relates to the level of happiness you feel in your chosen occupation and with the work you perform as part of the responsibilities of that occupation.

If you feel dissatisfaction with either with the kind of work you are performing, or with the overall responsibilities and duties of the occupation, you are most likely experiencing career dissatisfaction.  Click here to start process of finding more satisfying careers.

Job satisfaction relates to the level of satisfaction you feel towards specific aspects of your job and its environment. In other words, job satisfaction is a function of your feelings of contentment with your working conditions, environment, job benefits, work location, work relationships, and the like.

If you feel dissatisfaction with your job – the environment, the people at work, the location, benefits, conditions and so on – you are experiencing job dissatisfaction. Click here to review job satisfaction tests.

Improve Satisfaction

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Career Satisfaction Tests

Job Satisfaction Tests

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