Career Dissatisfaction or Job Dissatisfaction?

Is it Career Satisfaction or Job Satisfaction? Does it Matter?

Are you ready to fix your career dissatisfaction? First you need to identify what type of satisfaction issue you are dealing with. A career satisfaction problem must be handled differently than a job satisfaction issue.

Career Dissatisfaction

To resolve a career dissatisfaction issue, you will probably need to find a career that suits you better than the one you are currently in. The most efficient way to do this is to take a career test.

Career tests offer you matches or lists of careers based on your different personal factors. Some career satisfaction-based tests measure abilities, while others measure your interests. Still others use personality information to find careers most satisfying for you. Click here for more on career satisfaction tests.

Job Dissatisfaction

On the other hand, a job satisfaction issue is resolved by either adjusting aspects of your current job or within your current company, or finding a job at a different company doing roughly the same work as in your current career.

The first step to improving your job satisfaction level is to determine what aspects of it are most dissatisfying for you. Dissatisfaction with a job comes from four places:

  1. Extrinsic factors such as pay raises, favorable job evaluations, and bonuses.
  2. Intrinsic factors such as meaningfulness, choice, competence, and progress
  3. Work values such as serving society, competition, and autonomy
  4. Working conditions such as interpersonal relations and stress. Click here for more on Job Satisfaction Tests that can help you isolate your specific job satisfaction issue.

The second step to improve your job satisfaction is determining if changes can be made to your current job or within the company. If you think this is possible, meet with the appropriate people within your company. Together you can make improvements that directly and significantly improve your job satisfaction. Sometimes it is helpful to partner with a career coach to identify the best strategy to do this. Get in touch with The Career Profiler if you would like some guidance in approaching the right people.

If it is not possible to improve your current company, you will need to find a different job. Finding a new job helps you make sure you won’t run into dissatisfaction again. Two key strategies to achieve job satisfaction in a future job are:

  1. Writing a power resume. This articulates your strengths, assets, and talents in a concise, clear, and easy to read manner. It also must communicate your job satisfaction factors as part of the profile statement so you won’t end up dissatisfied again.
  2. Engaging a job search strategy that identifies the right companies to work for. You will also need to secure the right job vacancies within those companies. A career coach with job search and employment strategy experience can help you get this done quickly and effectively.

Improve Satisfaction

Finally, I hope these tips will help you get out of your dissatisfaction and into a happier place. Get in touch with The Career Profiler if you need help, motivation, or have questions. Another great step you can take is to continue researching this subject by reading the blogs below.,

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