Concept Organization aptitude test

Thinking Series: Concept Organization

In our last blog we looked at Classification, which is how a person organizes information. This week, we’ll learn about Concept Organization, or CO. Similarly to Classification, CO measures the ability to organize concepts and arrange ideas in logical sequence. The Career Profiler differentiates between low CO scorers and high ones. She calls low CO scorers decisive reasoners and high CO scorers deductive reasoners.

Deductive Reasoners

These high CO thinkers go through all the logical steps before making a decision. While this is thorough, it can be hard for them to make a decision because they take so many different elements into account. They have highly organized minds and well developed internal organization systems. But this doesn’t always translate to an organized workspace. They’re good at organizing systems and plans into logical steps. Creating structure is where these thinkers thrive.

Concept Organization aptitude test

Concept Organization tells how you receive and organize information and then make decisions

Decisive Reasoners

On the other hand, decisive reasoners prefer to walk into a situation that has already been organized for them. Going through all the thorough steps it takes to organize a problem and find the solution is not for them. The single most important element in a decision or problem jumps out at them so they don’t have to weigh all the possibilities.

They are much more decisive for this reason and don’t ponder over what decision to make. The right decision jumps out at them quickly because they are constantly thinking about the “bottom line.” 

When communicating with a decisive reasoner, cut right to the chase – that’s all they care about! They don’t want to go through all the rationale of a decision you made or the reasons why they are being assigned the task you are giving them.

Decisive reasoners complete one task at a time (in order of importance), rather than multi-tasking like many high CO thinkers do. They can get overwhelmed if too much is expected of them at one time.

But How do They Work?

We will answer this question in our next blog, which will bring together Concept Organization with last week’s Classification! As you know, you should never pick a career based on only one attribute or personality factor. It’s important to know how your many interests, aptitudes, and abilities can work together to make you happy in successful in a career. As driving abilities, it is even more important to understand how these two can help you find the right job for you. If you are ready to find out about your strengths and find the perfect job for you, you can start with The Highlands Ability Battery. This is an ability test that the Career Profiler loves. Stay tuned for our Thinking Series Part III: Careers for Classification and Concept Organization!


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