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Do you have trouble setting goals? Or do people complain about you constantly staring off into space, dreaming about the future? Maybe, on the other hand, you are afraid of the future and try not to think about it at all.  These characteristics are all related to the aptitude Foresight. 

The Foresight aptitude basically answers the question, “How do I best set goals?” Your Foresight score can help you understand yourself. How do you think about the future, set goals, and take advantage of your strengths? Knowing the answer to these questions helps you find the job that you can perform best in – and the job you do well is the one that will make you happy! Foresight is one of the many abilities that determine happiness.

Planning with Foresight

Knowing your Foresight score helps you make the most effective plans

Johnson O’Connor, a leading aptitude test researcher, says, “Those scoring high [in Foresight] should set long-term, challenging goals… Those scoring low seem to be more literal and immediate, good at getting things done in the here and now.”  

One of these descriptions may resonate with you immediately. It’s often easy to tell if someone loves dreaming about their 10-year plan or if they would rather just take it one step at a time.  

Testing for Foresight

No matter where on the spectrum you are, it’s important to take an aptitude test to be sure of your score. This is because it gives you more information and you can find out even more about yourself. For example, knowing your Foresight aptitude and your Ideaphoria score, you can find out your Divergent Thinking score. 

The Career Profiler most recommends The Highlands Ability Battery for finding out your aptitudes and abilities. The THAB calls Foresight “Time Frame Orientation.” They point out that depending on your score you may feel discouraged by working in an environment with no immediate payoff or reward. This puts you at serious risk of unhappiness and also keeps you from doing your best work. So take the test here today!

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