Multiple intelligence farmer

Farmers ARE Intelligent – More intelligent than you!

Farmers are often portrayed in media as ignorant, dumb, or redneck. But, in fact, farmers are some of the most intelligent professionals in the world – though maybe not in the way you’re thinking.

Multiple Intelligences

Farming is a career that requires high scores in the innate Multiple Intelligences. If you are not familiar, multiple intelligences is a new model of intelligence assessment created by Harvard professor Howard Gardner. His 1983 publication “Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences” posited that rather than measuring intelligence through an IQ test, it is more accurate to measure seven different areas of intelligence: linguistic, mathematical, musical, visual-spatial, kinesthetic, intrapersonal, and interpersonal.

Multiple intelligences for career

There is a more holistic way of measuring intelligence than an IQ score – these are the multiple intelligences

Gardner’s not the only one. Many other researchers agree with him, including Buzan and Keene who outlined ten different intelligences in “Buzan’s Book of Genius.” Johnson O’Conner, through his employer the General Electric Corp, pioneered the “human engineering project.” From that research, he was the first to document that certain “intelligences” are in fact innate.

The term “multiple intelligences” reflects what The Career Profiler understands as aptitudes or natural abilities. Knowing your aptitudes is NOT a useless piece of fluffy information! They actually determine what job will make you happy and successful!

When you really think about it, it’s not surprising that farmers need to be extremely capable of reasoning. The elements dictate their every move. No amount of education can prepare one for all those unexpected events. They must rely on their “common sense” or multiple intelligences to effectively deal with a host of novel twists they face every day. Farming is an extremely difficult, demanding job.

What does it have to do with me?

Finally, you may be wondering, “So what? I’m not a farmer!” But the theory of multiple intelligences show us that in every profession, the question is NOT “How smart am I?” but rather “HOW am I smart?”

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A word of caution: Testing helps you KNOW how you are smart. But individualized coaching can help you USE that knowledge to find the perfect career for you. Ready to be happy and successful in your career? Get in touch with The Career Profiler today.

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