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Brain Health and Career Choice

Brain Health Part II: Career Choice

In the last post we looked at how developing your brain’s gray matter can help in your career success. In this blog we’ll talk about how a well-developed brain makes a career choice.

It seems logical that a brain developed to its greatest capacity gives one the freedom to choose from a greater number of careers, and to be successful in those careers. Unfortunately, the reality is that people with great brain capacity often find that they are not successful or happy. Multi-talented people find career choice difficult. They can feel pigeonholed in only one career or one skill set. One career choice shuts off another, despite the person being capable of doing both. Multi-talented people often get stuck, not becoming really successful in anything. Career coaching is important for these kinds of people because it can be hard to find a career that uses their multiple talents. Without a career that uses all of their capacity, they end up feeling underused or undervalued. Furthermore, if they choose a career that doesn’t utilize their driving abilities, they will not be successful or happy.

The Career Profiler can help you make your career choice

Those with great brain capacity can have trouble with career choice

Are you one of these people? You know you are talented, bright, and driven. But you just can’t find the right job for you?

It’s hard to find a career that uses all of a well-developed person’s many abilities, interests, and aptitudes. But The Career Profiler can help find a field or fields in which you can take advantage of your great potential. Real estate development, visual arts, and film directing are all careers that utilize many aptitudes, skills, and facets of talent. Some multi-talented folks pursue different careers and switch it up every few years.

An Example

A client of The Career Profiler graduated from MIT and taught in academia for several years. He worked with both the hard and soft sciences. Then he worked in South America for several years, then was a legal counselor for an oil shipment company. He also designed his own house and does contracting work for other building projects. In his spare time, he participates intensely in recreational sports like tennis and downhill skiing.

Someone with all of these abilities and interests could never be satisfied staying in one place and doing one thing! Furthermore, a person with all of these gifts to share shouldn’t limit themselves to a mediocre job, or even one great job.

It can be daunting to plan on changing careers every few years, but it is possible! Get in touch with The Career Profiler to find your aptitudes, work on a career plan, or talk about how to develop your aptitudes. Don’t pigeonhole yourself! Work and live to your fullest potential! This is the best way to be successful and happy.

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