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A test isn’t enough… Get a consultation!

Today we’re looking at where assessments fall short. Why would a test-taking website want to talk about this? Because we know you need more than a test. You need to improve your job performance, get the best job for you, advance in your career, or improve your personal and work relationships. Just taking a test is not the best way to reach your goals. You also need a test consultation, which is a meeting with an experienced career coach who can explain your test results and apply them to your life.

Let’s take the Strongs Interest Inventory (SII) as an example. This interest test is one of the best, but of course, it has its weaknesses. The first thing to know is that the SII reflects your answers, which means the results can be swayed. If you answer inaccurately or make a mistake, the results will not be as precise. A test consultation can catch such a mistake.

test consultation, SII, interest test, test consult

Don’t settle for a job that’s not right for you. Don’t settle for just a test either! Get a consultation to understand your results and apply them to your life.

I got this opportunity with one of my clients. He worked in the music industry but was feeling dissatisfied with his job. His SII results were swayed by his current mood. However, when he had a test consult, I could tell the results were incorrectly swayed based on his results from the MBTI and THAB. Because he got the consultation and I caught this mistake, he was able to take the SII again at no cost to him.

By getting a test consultation, you can be sure your results are accurate and also learn to understand precisely what they mean. Best of all, consultations with The Career Profiler are FREE when you take one of our best tests. Need another reason to get a consult? Stick around for next week’s blog on another weakness of tests and assessments