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Is It a Career Satisfaction or Job Satisfaction Issue?

Career Satisfaction vs. Job Satisfaction

Most people look for career advice when they are dissatisfied with something about their career or job. But it is just as important to understand the positive aspects about a career or job. After all, how can you achieve career or job satisfaction if you don’t know what it is?
I've Finally Got Career Satisfaction AND Job Satisfaction

Career Satisfaction is an overall satisfaction with your current career.  It relates to the level of happiness you feel in your chosen occupation and with the work you perform as part of the responsibilities of that occupation.

If you feel dissatisfaction with either with the kind of work you are performing, or with the overall responsibilities and duties of the occupation, you are most likely experiencing career dissatisfaction.  Click here to start process of finding more satisfying careers.

Job satisfaction relates to the level of satisfaction you feel towards specific aspects of your job and its environment. In other words, job satisfaction is a function of your feelings of contentment with your working conditions, environment, job benefits, work location, work relationships, and the like.

If you feel dissatisfaction with your job – the environment, the people at work, the location, benefits, conditions and so on – you are experiencing job dissatisfaction. Click here to review job satisfaction tests.

Improve Satisfaction

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