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New Year? New Career!

The New Year is a time for new beginnings.  A new career is one of those very important new beginnings. Every New Year, people like yourself seek a new job for themselves. It’s a great time to take advantage of trying new things, changing something you don’t like, and getting into a career that will make you happy and successful.

Looking for a New Career in the New Year

There are a host of reasons why someone looks for a new job. Maybe they are unhappy in their work or the job environment. They are dissatisfied with their career progress or income level. Are you fearful of the eventual demise of your company or career field? Maybe you need more benefits for a growing family, or more flexibility to manage other responsibilities. Why are you looking?

Whatever your reason may be, there are important factors to consider when seeking a different career. In this New Year, New Career series, we’ll unpack these factors as well as explore two sources of information: career tests and career lists. 

The Four Part Series:

  1. “New Year, New Career 2017 – Factors to Consider.” This covers the 5 things to take into account when trying to find and select a career.
  2. “New Year, New Career 2017 –Career Tests with the Best Career Results.” This is an overview of the benefits and price of several career tests. Each of these tests measures each of the four internal career factors.
  3. “New Year, New Career 2017 – Fastest Growing Career List of Highest Paying Jobs.” A list of jobs projected to grow the fastest and pay the highest through 2020.
  4. Finally, “New Year, New Career 2017 –  Fastest Growing Career List for Quick Career Transitions.” If you’re hoping to make a quick career transition
I hope these blogs will help you get a jump start on your new year! You can apply these principles any time you’re looking for a new job. These lists are projected through 2020, so they will remain applicable for a while.
By Marjorie Wall Hofer, M.Ed., PCC, PCM.  Learn more at

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