Handwriting Analysis: Case Study

One of The Career Profiler’s many skills is handwriting analysis. She recently came across a handwriting sample of an employee at financial planning firm. This sample displayed unique handwriting. It was significantly different than the norm. Most of the handwriting samples from college-aged women (the age range of this employee) shows that they are warm, caring, careful to be accepted, and intelligent. But in this particular handwriting sample, The Career Profiler saw what she called as aggressive intelligence. The handwriting indicated an intelligence that was sharp and highly perceptive – more so than any other sample she’d seen. It demonstrated the writer critically analyzed every concept, idea, opinion, and piece of data. This analysis was done

Handwriting analysis career

To an untrained eye, most handwriting is simply legible or illegible. To The Carer Profiler, your handwriting is an entire world describing you

automatically, as an instinctive response. With these analysis skills, the employee could easily find flaws in data. This is a talent any employer, especially a financial services company, would love to hire. Or is it?

The problem was, there was one particular letter in her handwriting that indicated she would use information to her advantage at the expense of others. With a high level of character, this person would be an opportunist. But if her character were of an average or low level, this person would be cunning and deceitful.

What would this look like at work? She would see a weakness in a work relationship and take advantage of it in some way. If she disliked someone, she would exploit that person’s weakness to gain the upper hand – a promotion, or even secure her adversary’s firing. If her work involved handling money, she might quite naturally take the path of embezzlement. Of course, this boils down to a character issue, but it was through handwriting analysis that The Career Profiler could alert both the employee and her employer of this personality tendency.

The same can be true for you. Do you want to know more about yourself or your employees? Do you want to protect your company and find the best employees? As in this example, you might be warned of the early signs of a problematic worker. Or you can keep an eye out for personal flaws that you were previously blind to.

With over twenty years of experience in career coaching, The Career Profiler has all the tools she needs to help you know yourself and your business. You can send a handwriting sample to  her today. In the analysis consultation, she will walk you through the meaning of your handwriting and what it tells about your work performance, personality, and abilities. Take advantage of all the ways you can know yourself! Get your handwriting analyzed today.

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