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Success Story: Dream Career Starts in Career Reality

Career Success Story #3

Here’s another story from a former client who came to me for help. If you are already on your way to your dream career but feel stuck, this is the lesson to learn. To achieve your future dream, focus on the present reality! The Career Profiler can help you stay motivated, focused, and working towards your career goals.

“I couldn’t seem to get my career jump-started. I was stuck had a job that bored me and was desperate to escape. Then I finally decided to work with The Career Profiler. We began by identifying my talents through some career tests to find my dream career – the job I’d  love doing most. Then we formulated a career strategy to move towards my dream career.

However, I continued to be frustrated by indecision – re-analyzing and perfecting the career choice. The Career Profiler applied her career coaching expertise to help me understand that dream careers begin in the present – in reality. Once I stopped struggling with and resisting my present circumstances, I was able to focus on my career search. And that’s when career opportunities showed up.

I am so thrilled to finally be working in a fulfilling and challenging career. It uses my talents and captivates my interests. I love what I do now and I can finally see the beginnings of my dream career becoming a reality for me in the future. I learned this career secret: Act and move forward in the present career situation – don’t be immobilized by the grandeur of the dream.”  Keith M.