Equal pay for women

10 Best Jobs for Women in 2014 and Beyond

Career consultants Alexandra Levit and Laurence Shatkin took a looked at the hottest career trends and came up with a list of the top 10 careers for women in 2014 and beyond.

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Why are these the best jobs specifically for women?

As a group, women are still underpaid in relation to their male counterparts doing the same job. This is particularly true of those holding college degrees. This list includes both professions where females dominate, such as interior design, and jobs where the wage gap is particularly large.

Know what the best jobs for women are before you land your next job

Whether you’re plotting out your college major or considering a job change, you don’t want to pay for an education and then find yourself unemployed. It’s crucial to pick up on market shifts and unfilled needs in order to have multiple job offers after graduation. You may even read this list of best jobs for women in 2014 and come up with your own career twist!

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What's the best career for me?

Best Careers for Women in Satisfaction and Pay

Most Satisfying, Top Paying, and Best Careers for Women

What is the best career for women? Which is the most satisfying career for women? What career pays women the most?

According to Forbes, teaching is the most satisfying job for women. As a chief executive or a medical professional, a woman can earn the highest pay – up to $165,000 and $130,00 respectively. Currently, almost half of all business are started by women. There is even more data that you can find at Best Careers for Women. These are all good questions and interesting facts… but what about the best career for you?

What about you? If you had to choose a new career for yourself, which one would you choose? What is the best career for you as one of many women?

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