Why The Career Profiler Loves The Highlands Ability Battery

The Highlands Ability Battery is an aptitude test. But not just any aptitude test! In The Career Profiler’s opinion, it is the single best tool for finding a career that makes you happy and successful. Yes! Both!

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The Career Profiler loves The Highlands Ability Battery

The Career Profiler loves The Highlands Ability Battery so much because:

  • Its technology is based on 50 years of research
  • Objective measures – no guessing like in all other tests. Rather than answering questions about yourself like in the MBTI – “I find it difficult to introduce myself to people” True or False – you complete tasks and puzzles that directly test whether or not you have that aptitude
  • The best test for understanding and improving work performance. Knowing your abilities helps you know what you are naturally good and bad at. When you know this, you can delegate tasks you are bad at to someone with that aptitude. Similarly, you can increase the amount of work that aligns with your aptitudes and find greater success in those areas!
  • Provides crucial information for career decisions. It’s important to make smart career decisions. Take several career tests. Research the industry. Talk about it with your family. Talk about it with a career coach. The Career Profiler most strongly recommends taking The Highlands Ability Battery along with a few other tests in order to get the most crucial information for your career decision: “What career makes me happy?”
  • Most profoundly, the The Highlands Ability Battery assesses your REASONabilitiesTM (Ra). There are at least 13 REASONablitiesTM of which you can possess only 6. What makes them so profound is that they are correlated with mental health needs.  In other words, your happiness depends on fulfilling your REASONabilityTM needs.  Want to find what makes you happy? – Take the Highlands Ability Battery to find out what “Ra” ‘needs’ are demanding fulfillment.
  • Answers, not guesses – if you combine this test with two other tests (such as Strong Interest, MBTI, etc.) you can know what to do and be with certainty. Taking only one or two tests usually results in a long list of careers that is hard to choose intelligently from. These kinds of tests give you guesses. The Highlands Ability Battery cross-references these career-oriented results with what is innate and driving in you. The Highlands Ability Battery gives answers, not guesses.
  • Includes free consultations! I developed a workbook twice as extensive as the one provided by The Highlands Ability Battery. In multiple sessions, I can walk you through your results and explore career options – FOR FREE!
  • Lowest price anywhere online, with more information than other consultants

In the Words of The Career Profiler

“I have been looking for this kind of test since I began my career more than 30 years ago. The Highlands Ability Battery tells you what is driving in you. It identifies the things that really push you. You gain an outline of your personal keys to both happiness and success. It changed my life – it told me why I am the way I am – the things that lie underneath my personality and actions.

“For example, I had the means to buy a beautiful new home, but because of  The Highlands Ability Battery, I knew that I needed to live in a house that I could renovate myself. This decision brought me happiness and success in my home. You can find the same thing in your personal life, relationships, and career.”

What are you waiting for? There is a fool-proof way to find the perfect career for you! Head to TestEts and start on your road to happiness and success today!


Knowing aptitudes makes you happier

Know your Aptitudes for Career Success and Happiness

Ever wonder what actually makes you successful and happy in a career? It’s not only the external factors of your job. It’s actually your aptitudes!

In my twenty years of experience as a career coach, I’ve noticed that some of my successful clients, who climbed the ladder to top positions in their company, were still not happy! They hated what they were doing despite the fact that they were successful. The reason they came to me is because they realized that they valued happiness over success. I showed them how they could have both.

This battery of 19 abilities tests is only one to identify driving abilities aka demanding abilities

The Highlands Ability Battery tests for 19 career aptitudes

Let’s start at the beginning. How did you choose your current profession? If you’re like most people, it was some combination of interest and circumstance. You may have floundered at college, looking for a major that seemed right. Finally, you settled on what seemed easiest and most fun because you always heard to choose your passion and the money would follow. Or maybe you picked a business major so you could get a management position right out of school. Maybe you just happened to stumble upon a job ad, or have a friend who recommended you.

Unfortunately, what you didn’t know is that all of these are set-ups for an unhappy career. Picking a career for any of these reasons is like planting a tree upside-down and expecting it to grow. First, you have to know what your innate aptitudes are in order to branch out and find a career that makes you happy.

What are Career Aptitudes?

Aptitudes are not skills that can be taught. They are talents that you are born with. However, most of us have never heard of them and don’t have any idea which ones we have, or how they affect our job performance. But doesn’t everyone know what their talents are? No, in fact, not everyone. We’re not talking about a talent for music or sports. The aptitudes that determine career fit, success, and happiness are underlying abilities and drives that make a person easily and happily achieve success as an athlete, musician, or CEO.

You may say you have a talent for engineering, when in fact it’s a result of your aptitude for spatial organization. Or maybe you’re interested in finance and like paperwork, and thus think you would make a good accountant. However, it’s actually visual dexterity and memory aptitudes that determine if you would be happy and successful in accounting. There is a set of aptitudes that correspond to every job, from receptionist to rocket scientist. The most successful and content professionals in every field have natural aptitudes that make that job suitable for them. Click here to learn more about aptitudes and why they make you happy.


Use your abilities at work!

How we use our abilities in the time we have each day

Our aptitudes tell us the  fields in which we can achieve success, and even the jobs within each field that will suit us best. Knowing your abilities can help you develop a career pathway that will give you a lifetime of fulfillment and financial well-being. Isn’t this what you want?

Even though you may not be aware of your aptitudes right now, it’s it’s easy to find out! You can find your abilities by taking an aptitudes test. The Highlands Ability Battery measures 19 different areas where each person has innate talent or a lack thereof. This is the aptitude test that I most strongly recommend. After identifying your career aptitudes, it gives you a list of careers that fit with these aptitudes. This is a great head-start on your new job search.

Finally, it’s also a great idea to make an appointment with The Career Profiler, or even just shoot me a question! Want to know which of your aptitudes are most important? Maybe you’re just not sure what to do with all the information! Fill out the form below and never guess again about whether you’ll love or hate your next job. Know what to do and be… with certainty!


components of career personality

Career Personality and Tests: part 2

What is Career Personality? Part 2: Components

A career personality is made up of interest styles, operational styles, behavioral response styles, and interpersonal styles on the grand scope. Different kinds of personality tests measure these different components.

Career personality also consists of more specific characteristics. These include decision-making, problem-solving, leading, energy orientation, perceiving, relational needs, relational response, communication, and team styles. This list of specific traits encompasses the most common personal characteristics assessed by career tests. Each career personality test measures multiples characteristics based on its theory and measurement type.

What is your career personality? It is important to know so that you can select projects, jobs, and activities that use your strengths, talents, style. These are your career assets. When you choose work that matches your career personality – that engages your career assets – you will most likely become more successful and happy! This is because you find your work interesting, engaging, easy (to a degree), and fulfilling.

Career secret:  When you utilize your career assets in work,  you are set up to experience career success.  When you don’t, you set yourself up to struggle and even fail. Know your career personality – find career success.