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Career Search Help is provided by The Career Profiler. The best career search help starts with career tests that produce your best career matches. Why? Because your career search can then focus on the specific careers that best fit you. Otherwise you will do undirected, unfocused and unnecessarily long career searches often wasting your time and adding to your career confusion. So for the Best Career Search Help follow these career search steps. Career Search Step 1: Take a Career Search Test that identifies your interests, style and abilities and provides a list of top career matches. Career Search Step 2: Obtain a list of the best career search websites so you can research information about your top career matches including salary, training, career progression, job demands, etc. Career Search Step 3: Conduct a my career search where you meet with people actually working in the career you desire, and best fits with who you are. To do career search correctly and start with Career Step One: See link below. Still want a list of career search websites? See link below.

College Career Search really starts with knowing you. Certain career tests produce college course matches, career environment matches along with career matches. Strong Interest Inventory (SII) College Edition reports (1) identify specific college courses and academic majors (2) suggest extracurricular activities and internships/part-time jobs for skill development in matched careers, (3) list education requirements for career matches, and (4) ways to express unique interests and personal style to enrich college experience. The Strong Interest Inventory can be taken in conjunction with the Myers Briggs career personality test. The Highlands Ability Battery (THAB) helps you (1) learn your natural strengths, abilities, and aptitudes, (2) determine how you study and work most easily and effectively with others (3) discover your talents beyond test scores and (4) seek out practical as well as educational learning experiences that focus on your ideal career roles.

Look for Career using Best Career Search Websites is not The Career Profilers recommended approach. However, it is useful in helping you build a broader perspective of the career world beyond the occupations you have thus far been exposed to through school, your parents and their friends. The absolutely best career search websites are:

  • O*NET Online: Comprehensive tool for career exploration and job analysis.
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH): Detailed career descriptions of hundreds of occupations, including salary expectations and growth.
  • LibGuides@BostonCollege: Individual guides cover broad subject areas, specific topics, resources sources, and research strategies.
  • Hoover’s Online: Encyclopedia of company profiles and company career websites.
  • Job Star Central: Salary surveys and salary negotiation strategies along with salary IQ for students.
  • CareerOneStop: America’s Career Info Net with career information on hundreds of occupations.
  • Career Guide to Industries: Information on available careers by industry including the nature of the industry, working conditions, and employment statistics.
  • Australia’s My Future: Customizable career exploration service help users explore occupations and plan their career.

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