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Your Career Questions are answered by The Career Profiler in a variety of ways depending on the type and extend of your career question. There are several different types of Career questions listed as follows:

  1. Career Questions about Career Tests include What are the different types of career tests? Which test is best for my needs?, Which is the best career test on the market?
  2. Career Questions about Career Steps to a New Career include What steps do I need to take to make the best career decision? What are the most important steps for my career situation? What does Nature, Nurture and Navigate career steps really mean?
  3. Career Questions about Specific Career Work Problems include How do I manage a write a good resume? How do I manage a difficult boss or employee? What does it take to move up in a company? How cab I most quickly become a leader?
  4. Career Questions about Careers in General include Which careers pay the most? Which careers will see the most growth in the next 10 years? Which careers require the least amount of education and training and still pay well?
  5. Career Questions about your Career Personality include What am I best suited to do? What are my strengths? In which careers will I likely be most successful?

Many career answers are provided by The Career Profiler free of charge.

  1. Many Free Career Answers for Career Questions about Career Tests are found on TestEts Blog and by following CareerTestGuru on Twitter or friending TestEts on Facebook.
  2. Free Career Answers about Career Steps can be found by viewing the Career Steps Model on the home page or by signing up for a free career steps model explanation sheet on TestEts homepage.
  3. Free Career Answers about Specific Career Work Problems will be provided via an upcoming service. In the meantime, please post your specific career work problem below for free answer.
  4. Free Career Answers about Careers in General are posted on The Career Profiler’s Best Career Blog.
  5. Free Career Answers about your Career Personality are simply not possible should you want accurate, reliable and valid answers. The only way to learn about your career personality is by taking a career test. See Career Answer #1 for more information about suitable career tests.

*** If you do not find a suitable career answer to your career question, please submit your career question to TheCareerProfiler (below) or call to set up a free career conversation (below) with The Career Profiler.

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Career Solutions are more complex than career answers and typically apply to career problems. See Types of Career Problems Chart for more information. Career solutions to career confusion typically requires career profiling with career testing of innate traits (nature) and career assessments of acquired wants from experiences (nurture). See Career Steps Model to better understand this career solution explanation. Career solutions of career dilemmas usually requires only the career assessment part of career profiling because career dilemmas involve value conflicts of some type. Career solutions of career puzzles most often involve some aspect of the Navigate phase of the Career Steps Model and, therefore, require career coaching to find the missing career puzzle piece(s). Career solutions to career questions often are provided via free career answers found in either The Career Profiler’s Best Career Blog or TestEts Blog. Whenever you do not find an answer to your career question, please post it on the Career Answer to Career Question link below for direct response.

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