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In any given day, you experience at least one career problem. It might be a simple, familiar problem like handling a difficult customer or preparing a report. You already have the skills, knowledge, and ability to solve the problems. But when you face a career problem that really puzzles you, the answer is not already within your grasp. When you experience a puzzle like this, it can be difficult to know exactly certain how to solve it. Here are four types of career puzzles and what you can do to remedy them:

Career Confusion

Career confusion is probably the most complex among career puzzles. This is what happens when you try to solve career problems that are beyond your current situation. For example, career confusion is most often experienced when you don’t know what career will suit you best.

There are multiple factors you will need to consider when trying to resolve career confusion. First, view the Career Steps Model to gain an idea of the main factors in changing careers. If you’re not sure what a career change would mean for you, The Career Profiler has the best career tests on the market. These tests rapidly reveal the key components to your happiness and success such as abilities, interests, and styles. Secondly, there are elusive factors affecting career decisions such as expectations, values, needs, and skills. These are rarely uncovered by testing. Most often career confusion occurs when these factors are unclear, in conflict with each other, or when they don’t fit in with the rest of your life. The Career Profiler employs career assessments and interviewing techniques to first reveal the specific career factor(s) causing your confusion and then remedy it so you know you can “know what to do and be . . . with certainty.”


A career puzzle is a problem which requires research or investigation to resolve. You are simply missing some key  pieces of information to your career puzzle which, when found, provides a solution and rapidly leads to the right career action. Career coaching is often the best way to resolve this type of problem. Through career coaching, you will find the missing piece of information needed for your specific career puzzle. You might be required to address some of the Career Steps, but it will not be as much as when you experience career confusion.


Career dilemmas often hinge on a single Career Steps factor: knowing your values, priorities, needs, and wants at any given point in your career. The career problems that center on values can be the most difficult problems to solve. They require deep self-knowledge. Fortunately, The Career Profiler uses career coaching and assessments which help you find solutions that resolve your specific dilemma.


Lastly, career questions are the most readily resolved of the four different career problems. These questions often revolve around a specific situation in your current job. The solutions to this type of problem usually impact only the performance and environmental situation of your career. Interestingly, one question often leads to many others as your progresses in the mastery of your career. As you answer more and more questions, you get better and better at your job! If you are in already in the right career for you, this increased proficiency leads to happiness and success! Click here to learn more information about types of career questions. Fill out the form below for free career solutions!

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