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Look for Careers to Find Careers is one of 3 levels of looking for your career.Look for Careers to Find Careers is the most general level of looking for a career for yourself. At this level, individuals rely on general information about careers gathered from external sources being either people they know or career search websites. In some cases, information about careers is found through news articles, social media interactions or “best careers lists”. in other words, the “find careers” level is other defined and other sourced. This usually occurs early in ones’ career most often in the teens and twenties. A career selected based “find careers” level of looking for careers is often expedient, reactionary, and done in despair or desperation. Yet, this is a great place to start to look for careers for yourself because in searching you gain information about different careers you hadn’t known before. Links to get you educated about careers are found on the Career Tools page. Choosing a career found at the find careers level most often results in a good career.

Look for Careers to Find My Career is incorporates some internal as well as external information in a career decision or career choice. At this Find My Career level, individuals primarily seek information about their innate traits, abilities and interests and incorporate some information from external sources. Most of the information from external sources at the “Find My Career” level focuses on matches between their innate career factors and different careers rather than focusing on monetary benefits. Most of these sources are career search websites providing only general career information. The list of suitable careers for which additional information is sought is generated from results of career tests that measure innate career factors. Choosing a career based on a Find My Career level of looking for careers, is related finding my best career.

Look for Careers to Find My Ideal Career incorporates detailed information about internal as well as external information. At this Find My Ideal Career level, searching is a comprehensive and committed process. First, internal information of both types (innate and environmental) rather than just one type (innate) are examined and isolated by different types of tools in the career profiling process. During the Nature phase of career profiling, innate traits, style, interests and abilities (essentially Career DNA) is measured by career tests resulting in specific career choice recommendations and career development suggestions. During the Nurture phase, environmental factors such as expectations and past influences determine values and needs critical in ultimately deciding on an ideal career. To find my ideal career, the additional steps of searching external sources at the general and specific level are taken. General external sources are typically career search websites. Specific external sources most typically involve informational interviewing with people working in the specific career of interest. See more information about what is an ideal career, perfect career and dream career.

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