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Find Career Direction – If you suffer from career confusion regarding the right career or best suited career for you, you have two options when seeking career direction. You can use the find career direction with paper/pencil career direction exercises which extrapolate and synthesize the information into occupational suggestions. This method is time-consuming and often leaves clients feeling unsure of their choices, especially for those starting a career. The recommended method to both quickly and confidently finding career direction is by taking a career direction test (or even a career direction quiz). Career direction tests are those that assess your interests – what you like and don’t like – to provide you with career matches pointing to the best career directions for you. Some good personality tests measure preferences to produce career suggestions, and these are equally useful in pointing to a good career direction for you. I do not recommend using career ability or career values tests to find career direction although they too play a key role in career decision-making, usually for career success. ** Difference between career direction test and career direction quiz? – quiz is short and quick assessment tool that typically is less reliable and less researched than a test.

Change Career Direction If you are ready or needing a career direction change, you too have the same two general options as those seeking to find a career direction: Career Exercises or Career Tests. Career exercises are more suitable for career changers than for career starters because career changers have their work experience to draw upon to more readily determine career interests, career strengths, and career personality which are fundamental to changing career direction. However, those choosing this option to determine a new career direction are left with doubts and lack of confidence about their career direction and are not exposed to career options beyond their prior experiences. Therefore, career direction tests are still the best career solution. If, on the other hand, you are seeking to shift your career direction rather than change it by finding your niche or redirecting your career along another path to revitalize your enthusiasm for work, career exercises are often the best career solution to a career direction shift.

Career Directions Career Advice For Career Starters: The best way to establish a direction for your career is to gain knowledge about your career interests and matching career options. Pursue development of skills and acquire knowledge for those career options through volunteering, hobbies, entry-level jobs, readings, and courses of study. Each of these activities will build a portfolio of skills, traits and knowledge you’ll need to progress toward your dream career. The most rapid way to determine career interests and matching career options is through career interest tests and career personality tests. Career Directions For Career Changers: The best way to change career direction is to realign your work with your career interests, career personality, career values and career abilities. For significant career changes, the most effective and efficient way to accomplish this is to start with career testing (of abilities, interests, personality and values) and reroute your current skills and experiences toward a more satisfying career with the assistance of career coach or career counselor. For career direction shifts, career exercises which pull together your career interests, career values, career abilities and career personality into new career ideas is the best approach.

What is Career Direction? Career direction is best understood to be the (a) course or trend or bearing of progression in your work life as determined by your vocational training and job experiences and professional achievement; (b) aim or target of field or industry for your occupational or professional pursuits; (c) the route or path you take as you progress towards your calling. What is Career Directions? Career directions is advice and guidance about your vocational or professional pursuit provided by or obtained from an experienced career advisor such as The Career Profiler.

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