Career Profiling

Career Profiling Produces
‘My Career Profile’ and Leadership Profile

Career Profiling produces a My Career Profile or Leadership Profile for you, your student, or your employee.  Using a revolutionary package of cutting-edge and industry-leading career profiler tests which are interpreted and applied by career expert, The Career Profiler.

Career Profiling Consists Of

Career Profiling: Your Career Fingerprint

Career Profiling: Your Career Fingerprint

Career profiling assessing all of your individual assets and liabilities to determine the arena of your career success and career happiness.

Leadership Profiling assesses your strengths, talents, styles, and approaches to people and problems to identify your most suitable and effective leadership role.

The Career Profiler synthesizes results from  career interest profiling, personality profiling and aptitude profiling tests.  These three tools are foundational for establishing a “My Career Profile or Leadership Profile.

Advanced career profiling includes life stage, lifestyle, influencers, skills, and prioritized values profiles. For persons seeking a new career, career change, career development or career success.

Advanced leadership profiling utilizes values, behavioral profiles, distinction and development profiles.  Executive profiling or leader profiling,  and employee profiling are effective tools for leaders within companies to maximize performance of themselves and their subordinates..

In addition, handwriting profiling is an area of distinction for The Career Profiler.  No other career coach possesses this expertise.

Career Profiling: Career Testing and Career Assessment

In the career testing phase, industry leading career profiler tests are used to assess career aptitudes, abilities, interests and personality. Special career profiler test packages are recommended to achieve a “My Career Profile” and Leadership Profile. Leadership profiling includes FIRO and DISC profiles, but personality profiling and career interest profiling are the most relevant for career profiles. Ability and aptitude profiling set The Career Profiler apart from other career experts.

In the career assessment phase of career profiling, interviews and exercises are used to assess values, expectations, influences, life stage and life style components of a career. These are other key components needed to determine a full career profile. Unfortunately, there are few career profiler tests available for this career profiling phase.

Career Profiling Provides

Career Profiling will provide you with insights into who you are . . . and your arenas of success, excellence and happiness.  Whether it is via a “My Career Profile” (student or adult) or Leadership Profile package.

Your “My Career Profile” consists of the summary and synthesis of the results from each of your career tests. In it you will find the following: top 10 matched occupations, personality careers, top 3-10 ability-based work roles, top 5 work tasks or activities, 35 ranking of work type strengths, personality strengths and weaknesses, strength-based work activities, personal work style,  and … the 4 keys to all work – ideal work environment, problem-solving and decision-making, work communication style, and learning style.

Additionally, your “My Career Profile” for Students can include college majors, college living arrangements, recommended courses, recommend volunteer and part-time jobs.

A Leadership Profile package identifies your decision style, change and conflict style, management style, communication styles, arena of success, problem-solving style, and aptitudes for success in each of these. Caoching utilizes this information to accelerate your success.

Contact The Career Profiler for test details, sample reports and free profiler test trials. Request information for career profiling or leadership profiling.

Career Profiling FAQs:

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