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Career Steps for Choosing Planning a Career

Career Steps in Choosing a Career includes the following career phases: Career Situation Problem, Career Assessment Testing, Career Influences Assessment, Career Decision-Making, Career Researching.

  1. Career Situation Problem of the Career Steps to Choosing a Career is often an overlooked career step yet it is fundamentally important because it determines the degree to which all other career steps are completed. For example, if you dislike almost all aspects of their job, it is best to complete all career steps in choosing a career. But, if you simply dislike your environment, you might only have to complete the “Navigate” phase of career steps in choosing a career.
  2. Career Assessment Testing of the Career Steps to Choosing a Career assesses your innate natural career abilities, career personality and career interests with the best career assessment tests provided by This is known as the Nature Phase of Career Steps Model.
  3. The Career Influence Assessment of the Career Steps in Choosing a Career involves exercises, quizzes and questionnaires to assess expectations, values, needs and skills. This is known as the Nurture Phase of the Career Steps Model.
  4. Career Decision-making is the Values – Needs – Want Step in the Nurture Phase of the Career Steps Model. It is heavily influenced by past expectations and previously acquired skills and experiences. See the Career Decision Toolkit section of Career Tools for more information about Career Decision Making.
  5. Career Researching of the Career Steps in Choosing a Career is the Process Step in the Navigate Phase of the Career Steps Model. While the Process Step appears as a small career step, this single career step can take months to complete. As you research you will fine-tune and readjust your career decision until you settle on a career direction or a career target. See Career Search for links to the best career search websites.

Career Planning Steps is still part of the Career Steps Model. Most career websites focus on career transition planning or career discovery planning. Career Planning Steps on most career websites are simplifications of the Career Steps Model. Career Planning Steps on these career websites range from 3 career steps to 6 or 7 career steps with the common number being 5 career steps. Only one career website focuses on the action side of career planning steps as The Career Profiler does.

Career Planning Steps according to The Career Profiler is focuses on the second half of the Career Steps Model. Career Planning Steps begin when a general career decision has been made; and that usually occurs upon completion of the self-assessment career step of Nature and Nurture phase of the Career Steps Model. While Steps in Choosing a Career is an introspective and reflective process requiring quiet and solitude, Career Planning Steps are task oriented, action-driven activities that engage the help of others. Career Planning Steps occur in the Navigate section of the Career Steps Model.

Career Planning Steps start with setting a career goal which depends heavily on the degree of specificity of the career selected. There are three levels of specificity:

  • Career Planning Goal 1: career arena
  • Career Planning Goal 2: career clarity
  • Career Planning Goal 3: specific career target

Over the years, The Career Profiler has discovered that even though a specific career target is the ultimate desired outcome of self-assessments, one approach doesn’t fit all. Therefore, “customized” career planning steps have been developed for each of the career goals.

  • Career Planning Goal 3 for one who readily determines a specific career target, achieving a job in that career becomes the goal. Career planning steps for Career Planning Goal 3 center on tasks that help one achieve a job in that career.
  • Career Planning Goal 2 where one is undecided between two or more career options or seeks to find a niche within a career after completing the self-assessment, the career goal is often to obtain greater career clarity so that a single, specific career can be chosen. Subsequent Career Planning Steps focus on more research that includes both computer and field research. Field research is designed not only to gather more detailed information but to establish network contacts for future job searching. Career Planning Steps for Career Planning Goal 2 types often go on to Goal 3 Career Planning Steps.
  • Career Planning Goal 1 most often applies to students. After the self-assessment phase, the career goal of this population is usually defined as a career arena. A career arena is by definition a broad, general goal that permits flexibility for future fine-tuning of the goal and allows for further self-awareness as they mature through their college years.

Subsequent Career Planning Steps for Career Arena are designed to help determine the most suitable degree and most appropriate college from which to obtain that degree.

Career Planning Steps as used by all three types include any combination following: Computer Research, Field Research, Competency and Skills Gap Assessment, Career Road Mapping, Job Search Tools Development, Job Search Message Development, Contact Building. Within each of these career planning steps are more detailed steps.

Career Development Steps start once a person has entered a career, and is beyond the scope of the Career Steps Model. The Career Life Model encompasses Career Development Steps Phase. (new paragraph) Career Development Steps start with career situation assessment. In other words, taking stock of the situation presented by the job. Research for Career Development Steps most often focus on finding answers to the following questions: what does this job situtation demand, what jobs can it lead toward, what gaps exist between my skills sets (competencies) and the career I wish to target next. Decision centers around which job to target next. Strategy heavily relies on combinations of informal (on-the-job) and formal training. Implementation revolves around obtaining the necessary skill sets to move into the next career position. Career Development Steps can be formally drawn up into a Career RoadMap by a Certified Career Manager who has the training to conduct this level of assessment, research and strategy development.

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