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Map your Career Path with a Career Map

What is a Career Map? A Career Map is most typically a visual portrayal of the desired progression of a chosen career. The career map can be described as three distinctive types; Career Path Map, Career Mind Map, or Career Road Map.

Career Path Map is a career map that outlines a linear progression in a single career field. This is most suitable for someone desiring a career ladder progressing to greater responsibility and consistent pay increases. As with any path, a Career Path Map covers a defined territory which is able to be traveled by foot in the period of a day. In other words, Career Path Map keeps one’s career map limited to a specific career field and consists of a series of successive jobs easily attainable within the period of a lifetime. Career Path Map information can often be found within career information websites.

Career Mind Map is a career map that permits you to map a non-linear, divergent and diverse career. This is most suitable for those who desire career options, career variety and creative (not necessarily artistic) expression. Many “P” MBTI Type Codes prefer career mind map approach. Career Mind Maps are the most visually interesting career maps. Career Mind Maps blend diverse career interests into possible career options and string them into a career map using career threads between the career options to tie them together. It is recommended that you choose to work with a career coach such as The Career Profiler who is skilled at blending career interests, knowledgeable about a wide variety of career options, and able to decipher common threads.

Career Road Map is a career map that depicts a career progression that crosses career fields. This career ladder is most suitable for persons desiring to rise to positions of leadership within the lifetime of their career. Career Road Maps to Leadership typically require a combination of career ladder and career lattice. The Career Road Map process focuses heavily on identifying and building sequentially upon competencies from one job to another. Career Road maps most often require the involvement of a knowledgable and skill career coach to outline an effective career road map. The Career Profiler holds the designation of Certified Career Manager which requires the development of career road mapping for this career certification.

Map your Career is way to outline in visual form your desired career progression. The act of developing a career map for yourself automatically increases the potential of making your career a reality. How? It requires that you research a career field or career fields to fully understand the field. It requires that you research the jobs within the career field to identify a likely and suitable career progression. Sometimes, chose to have a diverse career path or desire to have multiple career options available to them which requires becoming familiar with multiple career fields. Researching forces on to become well versed in the language, skills, educational requirements, vocational progression, training, income and job growth which are critical for arriving at informed decisions. Why? After the research phase, one plots a visual depiction of their most ideal career map. Visualization is well-known to be a potent psychological tool used to bringing into reality ones desires and wants. The visual depiction of your desired career map “cements” not only the goal but the steps in your mind and in your unconscious.

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