Career Goal

To Achieve the Ultimate Career Goal:
Career Aim Or Career Target

Ultimate Career Goal is understood here as enjoyable career that overtime results in increases in income. Without a career target or career aim, you are more likely to achieve a series of scattered jobs over the life of your career. Scattered job choices means jobs are taken in different career fields or career industries. Since your career knowledge doesn’t expand with this pattern it typically results in a compromised or flat income situation. Therefore, to achieve your ultimate career goal you need to determine a career target or career aim.

Career Target can be thought of as either a focus on a general career field or on a specific career title. Career Targets that are general career field are typically referred to as career aim here. It offers flexibility to accommodate changing interests without resulting in a scattered series of jobs. Career targets, on the other hand, name a specific career title. So career aim is a career focus on the target. Career Target is a career focus on the bull’s eye. To set a career target, one must conduct significant amounts of desk and field research into various career titles of interest. As a result, it requires lots of upfront time during the career planning steps process and almost always necessitates the knowledge of an expert career coach. Persons with a J in their MBTI® type code most often prefer this approach.

Career Aim or career focus on a career direction target is critical to achieve your ultimate career goal. Career aim requires a career tool to maintain a specific career focus. Career aim statement might be as simple as: (you fill in the blanks): “I will do any job as long as it involves _______(key tasks) in ____________(arena) for _______(audience). The Career Profiler for a time in life used the following: “I will do any job as long as it helps (key task) adults (audience) advance in their careers(arena).” This career aim statement enables you to focus your career choices in a career field without knowing the exact career title as your career target. It provides flexibility with career direction. Personal with a P in their MBTI® type code
most often prefer this approach.

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