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Find New Career Direction means occurs when you want or need to change career direction. Changing career direction from a need perspective means that the new career direction must address your new or changing needs. Changing needs often center around new income, family or physical demands. For example, when children arrive, parents change their career directions to accommodate increased demands on their income or on their need for flexibility. External factors produce need-based career direction changes. Changing career direction based on wants usually stems from unsatisfactory aspect of the current career. As a result, internal factors generate a new career direction for want-based career changes. Each requires a different approach to changing career direction.

Approaches differ to Change Career Direction based on external or internal factors. Internally generated career direction changes centers on finding ones ideal perfect best career. Career directions tests are the best starting point to begin to determine such specificity. In other words, career directions tests are rigorous enough to provide careers matching your interests, personality and abilities. But this is only the start. Changing career direction as a result of internal factors almost always requires fine tuning the career matches to a specific career target. Career coaching is the most efficient way to identify the specific career target.

Changing career direction based on external factors may or may not require the rigorousness of career directions tests. Many times, a career direction quiz can suffice. A Career Direction Quiz usually provides a wide variety of career options instead of career matches. The Career Direction Quiz, either COPS or SDS, provides your top career lists or top career clusters from which you can choose from. Career Direction tests employ more rigor and research to match your answers to top 10 career matches, on the other hand.

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