Career Planning

Career Planning for Career Goal

Career Planning is the second phase of The Career Steps Chart.

What is Career Planning? Career Planning is like putting the pieces of your career puzzle in place. During the career profiling phase, you determined your career direction or career role. Once you have a career direction or career role in mind, you are ready for career planning. During career planning, you will identify a specific career goal, establish a career map to attain that career goal and build all the career tools to gain career entry. These are the fundamental parts.

Career Planning and Development Process consists of two phases. The first career planning and development process phase consists of career goal setting. This means deciding specifically on your selected, desired or ideal career.

The second career planning and development process phase is career building. First you build a career map. Your career map consists of specific career steps and to dos leading from your current career to your career goal which to achieve the career goal. Second you build your career toolkit. Your career toolkit consists of all the career skills and materials to land a specific job in a specific industry in your career goal.

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