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Are you Wondering if the Free Career Consult Fridays are Right for You? ...

  • Dislike your current work, career, job, or degree program  ...OR
  • Don’t know what career is best for you ... OR
  • Aren't progressing in your career
  • Confused or
  • Stuck or
  • Unhappy...
and are
  • Professional or
  • College student or
  • C-suite executive...
  • Enjoy, or even love ...
  • Succeed at ...
  • Excel and Progress in...
  • Sound career advice from seasoned career expert and
  • A career plan with action steps ...
  • Making  a change this year and
  • Investing  in yourself and your career (because, heck, you really deserve it)!

Try out the quiz below to see if the 

Free Career Consult on Fridays

is right for you

Which column fits you best?

Fatigued Energized
Stressed Motivated
Dissatisfied Satisfied
Disappointed Encouraged
Depressed Fulfilled
Discouraged Hopeful
Series of Little Failings Series of Little Successes
A Significant Failing A Significant Success
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Which column  of words
fits you and your situation best?

Fatigued? ...


It is time to do what you love. Your mental and physical health are demanding that you must make a change. Start with a simple easy step. Set up a time to chat with The Career Profiler.

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Energized? ...

You are wanting to shake up your career, make things happen, charge ahead with more focus and clarity or reach your next goal. Get some solid career advice and a career plan in a laser chat with The Career Profiler

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Research consistently shows

When you DO what you DON’T love –you are
fatigued, dissatisfied, become depressed, perform less well, and
even set in motion failures.

YET when you DO what you LOVE –
you possess
energy, enthusiasm, satisfaction, motivation and a sense of fulfillment

Free Career Consultation and Career Advice with Career Coach

But .... I want to stick it out.

... You are not a quitter.  ... You see things through to the end. ... You want to wait it out and give it even more effort. ... "Surely it will get better, won’t it?,” you think.
But here is what you can expect ...

Here is what you can expect ...

So if you stay in a "bad situation" ... It usually gets worse. It almost always does. Expect to commit a career suicide. Don't delay.

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TNeed Career Consult but too Busy in Career - Too Stressed from Career - No Time

But .... I'm too busy.

... You've got too much on your plate. ... You don't have time right now. ... You've got more important things to do. ... "I can do this later," you think.
But here is what you can expect ...

Here is what you can expect ...

So if you DELAY when you are in a "bad situation" ... You wont' gain anymore time or "space". Your 'down' feelings will make you more inactive or unproductive. Your energy to do even this will be sapped.
Don't delay.

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Its Time to Invest in You

It's Time to ... 

  • Achieve your Dreams and Desires
  • Get what you Want (and Need)! 

It's Time to ...

  • Get Good Career Advice
  • Get a Plan to Move Forward
  • Talk with a Career Expert 

It's time to take the first step.

Free Career Advice Sign Up Career Consultation

Career Consult for you for Free
Career Coach give Free Career Advice to Launch Career

During Free Career Consultation

The Career Profiler will:

  • Assess your current situation and past path
  • Apply your previous testing and assessments
  • Learn about your education and training
  • Uncover you dreams, desires and goals
  • Identify your distractions, hurdles, and roadblocks
  • Outline a plan of attack to close the gap

So you can get . . .
From “here and now” to “where you want to be“.

Career Coach gives free Career Advice in 1/2 hr Career Consultation

Typical Free Career Consult

2 Minutes  - Introductions

2 Minutes  - Expectations and Desires

5 Minutes  - Work History Questions*

5 Minutes  - Career Clarifying Questions

5 Minutes  - Hurdles, Roadblocks, Distractions

2 Minutes  - Self-Investment Questions

3 Minutes  - Plan of Action

1 Minute    - Launch Forward

* Recommend emailing resume ahead of time


Expect The Career Profiler to . . .

Ask you direct questions about your situation Ask for clarification when needed Verbally offer you an action plan to reach your career goal Offer some pertinent career advice


The Career Profiler will NOT :

Fix your problem or remedy your situation Tell you what you must do… the choice is up to you Give you a long-range plan for your life or your career Know what you DON'T tell her Charge you for her time ... it really is FREE


Would you Rather...

Work with Someone Who...

Or ... Like Yourself?

Or ... Like Yourself?

Or ... Like Yourself?

Or ... Like Yourself?

Or ... Like Yourself?

Most People choose the Expert ... The Career Profiler.


The Career Expert Marjorie Wall Hofer MEd, PCC, PCM



The Career Profiler and Coach Marjorie Wall Hofer MEd, PCC, PCM

In the 10th grade, I declared that I wanted to be a career counselor for people working in companies. Twenty years later, that's exactly what I was doing ... as a HR Career and Educational Consultant for Fortune 100 telecommunications companies in the western USA. By following my own advice from youth career counselor in Canada and college career instructor in Colorado, I arrived at this opportunity. Since then I've coached with highly intelligent professionals from here and around the world in private practice. With relatives on 4 continents I "get" cultural perspectives. Expertise gleaned from more than 5500 clients and a variety of corporate experiences informs my coaching. and talent profiling. College students and advancement-seeking adults have sought me out to find their ideal career and path to get there. Experience with a vast array of assessments and thousands of clients from all walks of life enlarges the profiling process so individuals, like you, can know with certainty where your career success and happiness lies. Fun things I do: vegetable gardening, welding tools into crosses, piecing puzzles, remodeling houses, analyzing handwriting of politicians and my children's friends. Giving-back activities include: president of garden club, workshop facilitator of non-profits, resume assistance to the needy, Fun facts: I met my husband on an airplane and predicted we'd marry one day. We are still married. Our four children, after completing my profiling package and heeding my suggestions, have successful careers and lives. You and yours can too.

Want an All-Around Career Expert?


Title Flip

The Career Profiler and Coach


A plan of action

A series of steps to take you to your desires and goal

Free career advice for a seasoned insightful career expert

Confidence in your plan knowing your received expert advice

Felt heard and understood when so many people don’t get you or your situation

A sense of relief simply by taking this first step

Free coaching materials once a month for a year (cancel at any time)

Receive entry into discount coupon drawing for future coaching services

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If you are like MOST people 

you want an EXPERT

and that expert is

The Career Profiler!


TheCareerProfiler, Marjorie Wall Hofer, is an Expert Career Coach 

Who is The Career Profiler and Coach?

IS The Career Profiler any good? 

Well  5500+ clients say so.

Check her out on

Facebook, LnkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram



IS The Career Profiler really a Career Expert? 

She has been in the career  field since her high school days and in all capacities: designated career instructor, career counselor, career coach, career adviser,  career consultant, employment placement counselor and, in private practice,  career profiler for individuals and companies. 

She has attained PCC, PCM, CCC and EC certifications, licensures in more than 10 assessment licenses, possesses or developed scores of products, resources, tools, and training materials to choose from. She holds a Master's degree in Adult Learning with minor in Career counseling and maintains her professional coaching credential from the highly reputable International Coach Federation.

And 5000+ happy clients from Fortune 100 companies to college students including individuals like farmers, financiers, MIT grads, and executives.

Check her out on .... Follow @TheCareerProfiler on Facebook and @CareerProfiler on Twitter.

For more about her credentials click here.


Career Consultation for Free yet Good Career Advice

rofessional Designations: PCC, PCM, EC

Licensures: 10 assessment licenses and familiarity with many more

Experiences: Career Coach and Educational Advisor in ALL sectors of the industry: Corporate Consultant, College Advisor, College Instructor, Company Trainer, Non-Profit Counseling, Private Practice … all as a Career Expert

Clients: 5500+ clients, (nearing 6,000) from Vice Presidents to Directors ; from Unionized employees to Professionals; from Famers to Financers, from confused college students to ambitious ones; from Educators to Managers; from Singapore to Netherlands to South America, and of course Canada and USA. Maybe YOU too

Corporate Clients: Fortune 100s Telecomm, Colleges, Non-profits, Local businesses

Knowledge: Business Start-ups; Professional Business (LLC) Demands, Non-Profit Operations; Telecommunications Industry; Finance and Accounting; Engineering; College Connections; Education and Degrees Selection for College and Returning Professionals; SuperSearchtm Job Landing Strategies; Career Profiles and Profiling; Workshops and Training for Corporate, College and Non-profits; Corporate and Career Coaching, Employment Counseling, Professional Career Manager

Known for: being highly insightful, professional, yet friendly and likeable; someone who ‘gets’ people quickly, has foresight (track record of successful predictions),

Her Profile: SEC: Counseling, Merchandising, Directing. A Planful ENXP. LR-TF. All THAB Natural “Driving” (ON) Abilities, Above Average (IQ), STRONG Rapport (and 5/6 Problem-Solving Abilities, Audience: Professional Male. All NON-experience dependent Reasoning abilities even the predominantly male ones. Top Natural Ability: Coaching (encouraging, motivating). Disc: Strong Influencing with D. CareerAnchors: Entrepreneurial Creativity with LifeStyle. COPS3: Service Professional + Skilled

The Fine Print: Even More Important – Her hardest ‘clients’: All of her 4 children have chosen careers in which they are successful and happy. And, her husband has an opposite profile enabling her to understand ‘others’ as well … and they are still married and happy being so. You can trust Marjorie to be your Career Profiler, and your Career Coach.

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Hire Career Coach The Career Profiler

Dwayne first contacted The Career Profiler to move back to the USA from his South American medical services organization. When he was given a year before his project ended, he got serious enough to apply the leadership development and career transition techniques recommended by The Career Profiler. Within that year, he landed the “CEO” position within his organization and moved to his country of choice, The Netherlands, one of the hardest countries to emigrate to.

Hire Career Coach The Career Profiler

Brad didn’t quite believe the potency of the Highlands Ability Test results until he ended up on anxiety medication. Within a few months of working with The Career Profiler, he quit the wrong college program and started his own business. He had a line up of clients just months later, including The Career Profiler, herself.

Hire Career Coach The Career Profiler

Success Stories: Become One Too

Bryan earned his MBA in Finance but was stuck in entry level accounting job. Within months, he landed a Finance position at a Fortune 500 company. A year later, he earned a promotion. A couple of years later, was promoted to Director. All with the help of The Career Profiler. But, he wasn’t finished. With her help, landed a VP in Finance position with a fast food chain. Happiness still eluded him, though. In the few years that followed, he fully adopted Christian spiritual traditions where he found deep-roots of happiness. With that, he moved into a family flexible broad management role in charge of innovative financing for national projects. He attributes most of his success in his career and personal life to The Career Profiler.

Hire Career Coach The Career Profiler for Career Consult

Cheryl first met The Career Profiler at US West. Used her services to stay employed during the transition to Qwest. Later her services to land a job a Lockheed Martin. Years later returned to tweak her resume to “right size” her career to land a job with flexibility near her home.

Hire Career Coach The Career Profiler for Career Consult

Aubre and Emily moved into Vice President positions at Janus and NYC Media company with TheCareerProfiler’s Leadership Coaching and SuperSearchtm Strategies.

ReClaim Your Life

Get the career you'll love and where you will thrive and be happy.

Reach your goals, desires and dreams.

Start today.  Sign up for a Free Career Consult Friday.

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Complimentary Career Consult with Career Coach

This Complimentary Career Consultation is ONLY 25 minutes in length.

Since it’s FREE! …

There are ONLY a limited number spots AVAILABLE on Fridays so they fill up fast …
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Typical Career Consult ...

2 Minutes --Introductions
2 Minutes --Expectations and Desires
5 Minutes --Work History Questions*
5 Minutes --Career Clarifying Questions
5 Minutes --Hurdles, Roadblocks, Distractions
2 Minutes --Self-Investment Questions
3 Minutes -- Plan of Action
1 Minute ---Launch
* Recommend emailing resume ahead of time

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Here is what you can expect ...

Assess your current situation and past path
Apply your previous testing and assessments
Learn about your education, training and accomplishments
Uncover you dreams, desires and goals
Identify your distractions, hurdles, and roadblocks
Outline a plan of attack to close the gap
so you can get …..
from “here and now” to “where you want to be“.

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Get so much more …

  • A plan of action
  • A series of steps to take you to your desires and goal
  • Confidence in your plan knowing your received expert advice
  • Felt heard and understood when so many people don’t get you or your situation
  • A sense of relief simply by taking this first step
  • Free coaching materials once a month for a year (cancel at any time)
  • Receive entry into discount coupon drawing for future coaching services

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Therapist Refer to Career Coach The Career Profiler for Career Consultations

Therapists John and Bill contacted The Career Profiler to find out what she had done that had helped their clients progress so quickly.

To Be A Career Success Story

Let’s be fully honest …

Half the problem is knowing what to do. The other half is doing it.

The Career Profiler will help you with that too.

(She is a Professional Certified Coach with Corporate Career Coach, Professional Career Manager, Employment Counseling,)

She has helped literally thousands. And, if you let her, she will help you too.

If you truly want success and happiness, find the coach to help you get there.
The Career Profiler gives you an opportunity to see if she is right for you during this free consultation.

If you are want to actually achieve your dreams and goals, you too will want coaching.

Since The Career Profiler rates are so reasonable, she can be in high demand. However …

Only one person will be selected each month for coaching with The Career Profiler per month.

A drawing will be held to see who will receive a coaching discount.

Enter the drawing by selecting “yes, I want coaching”.

Sign UP now.

Free Career Consults are a LIMITED TIME OFFER

The Career Profiler is Committed …

to offering lots of materials and some services for FREE, and always has.

In the past, she has offered it to former clients, friends and people in ministry or service who can’t afford them.

When this GENEROUS OFFER EXPIRES later this year, she will return to her regular set of Freebies.

Don’t delay . . . Take advantage of this offer NOW! Sign UP here!

Disclaimer: this time, this offer is for Canadian and US citizens who are English speakers only even if you live abroad. Furthermore, The Career Profiler reserves the right to cancel an appointment at any time for any reason.

Free Career Advice with Career Consulation is Limited Time Offer


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career goals and dreams.

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