How to Find your Career Passion and Career Desire

How to Find your Career Passion and Career Desire can start with career passion test but should always utilize career desire assessments. Career passion encompasses more than career interests or career personality or career abilities. These factors are readily assessed with career assessment tests. Career passion also demands alignment with career values and desired career topics and even possibly lifestyle and lifestage needs alignment. These factors are not so readily measured with career assessment tests. Finding your career passion and career desire, therefore, requires career passion testing but also career desire assessments. (Career passion and career desire are used interchangeably here).

Career Passion Testing is, according to The Career Profiler, a combination of career assessment tests that assesses your career interests, career personality and, even possibly, career abilities. Check out this Career Passion Test combination. At a minimum, the right career passion test will at least provide you with your career motivations. Career motivations are what drive your desires to act, motivate you to work. However, career assessment tests generate lists or matches of stereotypical careers which are useful in that they provide instanteous pictures of job roles and responsibilities associated with specific careers. But, they do not provide the exact match that will spark your career passion or ignite your career desire. The kind of career passion test that best measures career motivations is the Strong Interest Inventory test. Career Passion tests simply provide a starting point of suitable career options from where to begin your search for your passion career or career desire.

Career Desire Assessments, as used by The Career Profiler, referred to exercises that produce insights into your career desire or passion career. Since career passion encompasses more than career interests, career personality or career abilities and requires alignment with career values and desired career topics, you must go beyond career passion testing to career desire assessments. Career desire assessments are typically paper/pencil exercises that facilitate your awareness of your personal career values, career lifestyle needs and lifestage expectations. These are supplied by The Career Profiler during the coaching phase of the career process.

But, what sets passion career or career desire apart from best career or right career or ideal career which require alignment with career interest, career abilities and career personality, is the need to be in a topical field that sparks your desire and passion. Therefore, to find your career passion you must engage in career desire assessments that facilitate your understanding of topical areas or fields that appeal to you in a significant way as to hold your attention for some time. Career Mapping is one of the best career desire assessment tools to use for this purpose.

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