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The Best Career Idea for your future career comes from two factors – your personal career awareness and career clues which you have obtained from career tests.  Its that simple.

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The Worst Career Ideas come from someone else – their career suggestions for you.  That someone could be your parents, teachers, job vacancies, career counselors, and most of all friends. Why should you not trust someone else’s ideas for your career?  Someone else’s career idea might satisfy economic trends, high salary criteria, new careers or job outlook forecasts, or even their personal hopes and desires.  Their good career ideas, in all likeliness, may be better for them than for you. Their suggestions cannot possibility take into account all your career assets, needs, dreams, desires, abilities, values or experiences.  Their career recommendations cannot account for all factors you will take into account:  success potential or personal enjoyment level or cultural fit or employment demands or performance requirements and so on.  Let me know what was the worst career idea someone gave you and why … win free consult.

Therefore, to find the best idea for your career you need to complete good career tests (not the cheapest and certainly not free ones)  and develop an awareness about the world of work specifically around those career ideas that appeal to you.  Don’t rely on your first impression – you might be hung up on one aspect of a certain person’s job but it might not be true for all jobs like it or not true for related jobs.

  • Career Clues are produced by great career tests.  Career Clues are career matches or career option lists generated from the data you provide during your career assessment testing.   Clues to your ideal career  are produced by test that combine facets of who you are with careers researched to fit your uniqueness.  The  very Best single Career Idea  for you is only found when you complete several different kinds of career tests.  Each one assesses a different facet pertaining to career:  Career Interest Test – examine what you enjoy; Career Ability or Aptitude Tests – measure your capabilities of performing various career or career roles.  Career Personality Tests assess your personality style in relation to careers.  Career Values Tests assess what is most important to you and in various careers. Best sources of Career Clues from which to obtain your best career idea come from highly researched career tests with different perspectives.
  • Career Awareness produces the best career idea for you.  What does this mean?  The best career ideas comes to you when you are fully aware of your career assets – that is career awareness – in combination with  career and economic realities. Career awareness of your career assets is knowing your career strengths, career abilities, career interests, career values, and career personality. The best way to get career awareness that will produce he best career idea for you by taking great career assessment tests.  Great career assessment tests  show you your career assets in terms of the most viable career options – called career clues.    Great career ideas come from career awareness of your assets first which come from taking great career assessment tests.

Good Career Ideas can come from Career Resources or Career Lists.  Searching for good career ideas here can be the first step in developing the career awareness

  • Career Resources are provided in specific websites or career books.  These resources offer information about careers and specific occupations with detailed information including education, salary, on-the-job training, job demand, work descriptions and so on.
  • Career Lists are produced by generic career tests (lowest cost) or job-related websites.
  • Career Blog Posts feature new information, new careers or a new twist on existing career and always worth the read if you have the time to do so.  If you’d like this years good career ideas:
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Great Career Ideas  for you are the ones that you most likely fit your desires, interests, needs, values, abilities, personality as well as job market, work trends, salary.  These can be produced by  a top rated career coach or career counselor when they interpret the results of your career test.  How?  Over time they have acquired a relatively vast knowledge about careers from which to draw upon during the interpretation session.  Those with P-type Myers Briggs Personalities are naturally more resourceful under the pressure and therefore more able to do this in a brief appointment. 

The Career Profiler is one such person.  For other top career coaches.  The Career Profiler uses a strategy to accumulate career relevant information from you which is blended into the variety of good career ideas produced by your test results to generate better ones, great career options, just for you.  With this approach, you will obtain a short – list of your most favorable and viable career ideas. With some career coaching and career guidance from The Career Profiler you might find that one of these great career ideas is actually the best one for you at this stage of your career.

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