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Be a Rising Career Star on the Career Fast-Track with Career Growth Counseling

What does it take Be a Rising Star in Your Career? It takes five things to be a Rising Star.

  1. Accurate Self – Awareness
  2. People Saavy (EQ)
  3. Strong Work Ethic
  4. Decide and Plan Approach to Goal Setting
  5. Continuous Growth

Step 1: Know who you are and what you’re made of.

  1. Career Self- Awareness: Self-awareness is absolutely critical to success. Get that and you are already on your way to being more successful.
  2. Invest in career assessment tests to set a foundation to be a rising start in your career. You might need to choose a career test to find work that is more aligned to your strengths, interests, talents and style.
  3. Invest in career development assessment tools to build upon your leadership abilities, develop your leadership style, enhance your people relations (EQ).
  4. Learn to work WITH who you are more effectively (rather than change how you think you should be).

Step Two: Connect To and With PEOPLE to be a Rising Star

  1. Mentors are needed to sponsor you to be a rising star in your career.
  2. Building a network of contacts to act as resources to draw upon for corporate alliances, staffing needs, and linkages to other opportunities is crucial to be a rising star in your career.
  3. Having a compelling story and craft versions of it suitable for different contexts and audiences.
  4. Learn to listen and learning from listening to others.
  5. An effective Career or Executive Coach acts as a powerful tool to fuel your rising stardom.

Step Three: Work Ethics – Work Hard, Work Smart, Work Right to build areas of expertise. These three work ethic factors are utterly critical to be a Rising Star in Your Career.

Step Four: Proactively Plan Build backups for your career based on your definition of success and vision of an ideal life, but always start from where you are NOW.

Step Five: Never stop learning and growing.
Always look for new opportunities. A key component to learning is curiosity. Be utterly curious about everything to be a Rising Star in Your Career. How to be a Rising Career Star? There are a number of top twenty tips to Fast-Track your Career and Be a Rising Career Star. Here are 20 of the top tips to Fast Track your Career :

  1. Know your self inside and out.
  2. Introduce yourself confidence with a great story.
  3. Focus on building credible and substantive work experiences.
  4. Create a career vision of your ideal life.
  5. Open yourself up to never-before-imagined experiences.
  6. Find answers and solutions on your own.
  7. Make strategic career and life decisions.
  8. Build contingency and back up plans when set backs occur.
  9. Introduce yourself to new and wonderful people everyday.
  10. Take control of your online identity.
  11. Focus on the here and now in your career.
  12. Exceed expectations always.
  13. Build a strong honorable reputation.
  14. Identify personal short and long-term career goals. Achieve goals in incremental steps.
  15. Be a self-starter.
  16. Always look for opportunities and seize them to their full potential.
  17. Become a great listener and learner.
  18. Challenging the norm and the status quo.
  19. Become an outstanding communicator and presentator.
  20. Build strong working relationships and networks in relevant industries and beyond.

Be a High Performer in your career. This is critical to fast track your career and being a rising star. 5 tips on what it takes to be a High Performer.

√  Your career aligned with your personal career assets is absolutely foundational.
√  Do only what matters most always.
√  Work well with people and build resources of expertise and assistance.
√  Focus on what you do well, and develop strategies to mitigate what you don’t do well.
√  Go above and beyond.

To become a High Performer and Fast Track your Career, consider taking career assessment tests that define your career assets and work with The Career Profiler to develop strategies to utilize them to fast track your career and be a high performer.

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